YM-Designs – Graphic Design, Printing, Web Design & Custom Frames Services Terms

Last updated – 10th February 2014

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all graphic design, printing and web design carried out by YM-Designs and YM-WebDesigns. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice to You.

You, Your or the Buyer refers to you, the buyer. We, Us, Our, Ours and the Seller refers to us, YM-Designs and YM-WebDesigns.



Before any work commences from YM-Designs, a non-refundable deposit is required from You. The deposit amount is set to half (50%) the amount of the full quoted price. This deposit will act as confirmation to enter into agreement between the Buyer, (You) and the Seller, (YM-Designs) for work to be carried out within a specified time. The payment of a deposit also acts as acceptance to these terms and conditions.

Final Payment

Once You have confirmed design work completed by Us, final payment to meet the full amount will be requested. Upon receipt of the final payment from You to YM-Designs, this process acts as the seal of approval from You, which will completely remove the right for any refund for the design work.


YM-Designs have the right to keep any fees paid as deposit after any cancellations have been made. Cancellations can be made by either email or telephone.

Design Work

Throughout the design process, You will receive proofs of the design with watermarks. Ownership of the design work belongs to YM-Designs until final payment has been made and design work has been sent to You. We reserve the right to increase the length of time specified for design work at any time. You will not receive Copyright for Your design from Us. You may want to seek Copyrighting for your design from a third party.

When multiple concepts of a design are created, only the accepted design paid for by You will transfer ownership of the design from Us to You. All remaining concepts remain the property of YM-Designs unless otherwise stated or individual concepts are purchased separately.

Artwork will be provided in the following formats: .PNG, .PDF, .JPEG and .PSD on request. Your design work can be sent via Royal Mail on a CDROM for a small fee. YM-Designs will not be held responsible for any loss or damage due to alteration of any files or removable media sent to You.


We source all of our printed material from a Third Party. Once design work has been confirmed and submitted to the Third Party for print, all responsibility for the order transfers from Us to the Third Party. This includes responsibility for print quality and delivery of the order. All queries will be forwarded to the Third Party to deal with. If You wish to deal with the Third Party directly, contact details are available on request. If you wish to view the terms and conditions of our Third Party, please request them here.

As all prints are personalised to the Buyer, a full refund for the print order is not guaranteed. The most likely outcome from being unhappy with your order will be the offer of a reprint. This is an issue that should be raised with the Third Party, not Us. We are not responsible for any refund or reprint requested by You.

All design work must be checked by You before design work is submitted for printing. Once You have confirmed the design for printing, We are not responsible for any mistakes regarding spelling, punctuation or capitilisation.

Copyright or Trademarks

YM-Designs will assume that all text, fonts, images and content supplied by You are not under any copyright or trademark which would prevent the use of such data in any designs. We will not accept any responsibility for illegal action as a result of using data supplied by You. Submitting such data is a declaration by You, the Buyer stating copyright and permissions are held by You. All copyright held by You will remain Yours throughout the design process.

Web Design

All Web Design will be carried out by YM-Designs or YM-WebDesigns using various CMS (Content Management System) platforms. This may change under certain circumstances, such as no requirement for a CMS.

To help Us assess your requirements and quote accurately, We will send You a questionnaire. Using the information provided by You, We will be able to determine a suitable price and timescale for your project.


Initial deposit amounts and final payment will be discussed between You and YM-Designs. These amounts may vary depending on Your requirements. Work will commence by Us upon receipt of the initial payment. Your website will not go ‘Live’ until the final agreed payment has been made unless otherwise stated. Ownership of the domain and hosting transfers to YM-Designs and remains the property of YM-Designs until receipt of the final payment. Transfer of ownership only applies to domains initially purchased by YM-Designs. If a time period of 62 consecutive days pass without receipt of the final payment following an initial design being presented to You, ownership of the domain and hosting will remain property of YM-Designs indefinitely.

As part of any paid web design package, You will be entitled to one year of domain registration and 5GB minimum of web server hosting space. This will be set up by Us on your behalf with your details upon receipt of an initial payment paid by You.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will be offered with all web design packages for an extra fee. Although best efforts are made to boost the ranking of your website, we do NOT guarantee Your website will make the first page of any search engine. Upon request, we are happy to make minor changes in an effort to boost your site. Minor changes include addition or editing of keywords or slight text changes on Your pages.

As part of the SEO process, we will set up Google Webmaster Tools in Your name on Your behalf. This will aid with SEO rankings. User credentials for this will be provided upon receipt of the final payment.

Website Edits

YM-Designs will be happy to make the majority of changes requested at no extra charge within reason. This will NOT include a complete design overhaul or starting from scratch. Any changes requested after receipt of the final payment will incur a charge which We will decide.

Website Maintenance

Once Your website has been completed and confirmed by You and final payment has been made, you will receive a step by step guide in .txt format, on the majority of topics required to manage your own content. This will include all Your user credentials required to access all of your website. If You feel We have missed something in this document, You can request an updated document which we will send within 5 working days following the request.

Design Credit

You agree to allow YM-Designs to add a small credit to the bottom of any design made by Us. This includes graphic work which has been printed. This will usually be a small line of text or Our logo at the bottom of the publication. On Your website, it will be a small line of text at the bottom with links to Our websites. You also agree to allow YM-Designs and YM-WebDesigns to showcase your designs on Our websites as credit for the work.


Print colours on individual frames may vary to that shown on our website. We do not accept responsibility for spelling mistakes for words provided by You.


For all frame purchases, payment is required in full up front. Refund requests will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances such as non-delivery or faulty goods. All frames are custom and therefore, We cannot issue refunds on those grounds.